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Welcome to Infinite Smile Dental

You'll know you're in the right place as you walk into our Pleasanton dental office and are warmly greeted by name. Dr. Kimberly Kau and her team are people-oriented, thriving on the relationships we build while helping our friends achieve and keep their healthiest, most beautiful smiles!

We pride ourselves in offering high-quality, family-friendly dental care with a personal touch, including:

Exceptional Care for Your Family's Smiles

Dr. Kau and our close-knit team are experienced professionals. We understand the importance of oral health, its connection to bodily well-being, and how a healthy smile can improve your wellness. We are dedicated to providing you and your loved ones with the high-quality dental care you desire to deliver the beautifully healthy and confident smiles you deserve!

We invite you to learn more with a complimentary consultation at our Pleasanton, CA, dental office. Dr. Kau has served the Tri-Valley Area, Dublin, Pleasanton, Livermore, San Ramon, and Danville for over 20 years. No pressure, sales pitch, or obligation, we promise—instead, an honest conversation and personalized treatment path to an infinitely beautiful smile. Schedule your consultation with Dr. Kau today!

Patient Testimonials

“I've been coming to Dr. Kau for many years she has just finished an Implant that I was so nervous about, but everything was just so wonderful. I was amazed by my care after no problems or pain.” Roxanne I. | 2/20/24
“I have been coming to Dr. Kau for a while. Everyone here is very nice. Dr. has helped me with my Oral health. Me and my wife love coming.” Francisco G. | 2/17/24
“Dr. Kau is an excellent Dr. I've seen several dentists. She is the only one that meets my appointment availability. Dr. fixed my failing Implants now I can finally eat. She is a great listener.” Teresa G. | 2/13/24
“The office is very clean and modern, everyone is polite, and I love all the cutting-edge technology. Dr. Kau is a great dentist.” Raymond D. | 2/13/24
“My first visit to the dentist was good. I got 2 toys and my teeth are cleaned.” Rachel D. | 2/13/24
“I'm a dental student from the University of the Pacific shadowing at Infinite Smile Dental. It's been a very cool experience. The team is very welcoming. It's a very homey office, and I am learning a lot about how it runs. Everything is well organized, and it's been a great experience.” Sukhman S. | 2/7/24
“I've been coming to Dr. Kau for almost 25 years. I started coming to her when her office was off Santa Rita Rd. I could walk to her office. She was very understanding about making sure I was numb thoroughly every time I had treatment. I love the BioClear she did for me today. I can eat food without having food trapped between my teeth.” Maureen D. | 2/6/24
“Everyone is nice. Dr. Kau tries to keep the cost down and still does what needs to be done. I'm happy with my smile and the care I've received.” Sarah W. | 2/2/24
“I like visiting Dr. Kau because she always asks how everything is going with my teeth and outside my mouth, like my golfing.” Hayden H. | 1/30/24
“What I like about coming to Dr. Kau is that she always lets me know what's going on and explains everything. She has done my crowns and Invisalign treatment. Dr. Kau has helped me maintain my oral health for the last two years.” Vamsi D. | 1/26/24
“I found Dr. Kau by going online and looking for doctors who have nitrous. I have anxiety, and while they were doing my treatment, it allowed me to relax. Everyone here was so nice.” Finn W. | 1/26/24
“I like coming to Dr. Kau because she is a great doctor. She listens to me.” Najibulleh R. | 1/25/24
“I've been coming to Dr. Kau for 8 years. Dr. Kau treats me like I want to be treated.” Shokria R. | 1/25/24
“I've been coming to Dr. Kau for 21 years, and when I like a place, I stay! My husband came, and also my boss. Dr. Kau has treated my family. Her office is always neat and clean.” Shelley S. | 1/25/24
“I really like coming here because everyone is nice. Every time I come, I feel they have my best interest at heart whenever I talk with Melissa and Dina. They both are so very genuine.” Gwendolyn B. | 1/23/24
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Patient Reviews

“Dr Kao has delivered consistent quality dental care to me for over a decade. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for a dentist!” Sam H. | 2/28/24
“My family has been with Dr. Kau for 21 years. We always feel welcome and well cared for. I highly recommend Infinite Smile Dental!” Michelle N. | 2/28/24
“I've been coming to Dr. Kau for 8 years. I recommended all my family. I just did teeth whitening today and I feel so confident now when I smile. The staff here are all amazing.” Anna A. | 2/27/24
“My husband and his family has been coming here since he was in 1st grade and they say nothing but good things and my first experience from the atmosphere here has been really warming and welcoming! Highly recommended friendly staff!” Angela G. | 2/26/24
“I have been seeing Dr.Kau since I was in the first grade really amazing at what she does. Dina was also very helpful and they took care of my wife as a first time patient and we got a lot of work done in an expeditious and efficient manner.” Zmalik M. | 2/24/24
“Dina and the crew always take great care of me! Highly recommend.” Mark B. | 2/24/24
“All the staff were professional and courteous. They explained all the procedures, and made sure I was comfortable throughout the appointment.” Phillip Y. | 2/24/24
“I desperately needed work on my teeth, Dr. Kau and all her staff all are so professional and courteous. I hadn't been to a dentist in a very long time, Dr., never once made me feel uncomfortable. After my cleaning and exam, I have done my best to keep up my oral health. I believe if I did not experience the care I received, I probably still wouldn't care about my teeth as I do today.” Mean G. | 2/24/24
“My history with Infinite Smile goes all the way back to 2009, before it was called Infinite Smile! Even during times when I moved far away, I kept coming back because of the people. Dr Kau's team is phenomenal. I am greeted by name when I walk in and they remember, and care about, details of my life. Skillful dentistry and fantastic customer service!” Darrin S. | 2/22/24
“I'm very glad I found Dr. Kau and her wonderful staff, especially Dina and Shannon. They're always professional, friendly and make going to the dentist a lot less stressful!” Robert W. | 2/21/24
“Kimberly Kau, DDS is a 10 star Dentist. She is my 3rd Dentist in the last 50yrs!” Cathy D. | 2/21/24
“Been with our dentist for more than 24 years...” Gerry F. | 2/17/24
“I and my family have been with Dr. Kau for last 14 years. She's amazing and have the right solution for our dental health. Dina at front office is so sweet and friendly.” Susmita P. | 2/5/24
“I discovered Dr. Kau's clinic under a desperate situation. I had a bad fall and needed emergency dental care asap. I showed up at Dr. Kau's clinic Saturday morning without appointment and Dr. Kau looked at my situation and took me in immediately. I am very grateful that Dr. Kau was not only able to provide the treatment immediately, she treated me with lots of care and compassion. During my treatment, Dr. Kau patiently explained my treatment and listened to my concerns and addressed them. I knew I was in a good handle to handle my dental crisis. All the staff in Dr. Kau's office are also amazing. I was well taken care of by everyone in the clinic. Special shoutout to Dina who is super caring and always makes me feel better even when I have broken teeth.” Ella C. | 2/1/24
“I am getting my Invisalign treatment at Infinite Dental, and I couldn't be happier with the results! Dr. Kau and her team were incredible throughout the entire process, from the initial consultation to treatment so far.
I highly recommend Infinite Dental and Dr. Kau to anyone considering Invisalign treatment. They are truly experts in their field and are dedicated to providing their patients with excellent care and beautiful results. Thanks to their expertise and care, I now have a smile I'm proud to show off!”
Sarada G. | 2/1/24
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