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Computer-Aided Design/Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAD/CAM) systems have become invaluable tools in dentistry. They offer numerous advantages that enhance various aspects of dental practice.

CAD/CAM systems in dentistry offer precision, accuracy, customization, and minimally invasive treatment. This leads to an improved patient experience, enhanced workflow efficiency, predictable outcomes, expanded treatment options, and long-term durability. Integrating CAD/CAM technology allows Dr. Kau to provide high-quality restorative care that meets her patients' evolving needs and expectations.

Precision and Accuracy: CAD/CAM systems utilize advanced digital technology to design and fabricate dental restorations with exceptional precision and accuracy. Digital impressions capture detailed images of the patient's teeth, allowing for precise restoration design and a better fit than traditional methods.

Customization and Aesthetics: CAD/CAM technology enables dental restorations to be customized to meet each patient's unique anatomical needs and aesthetic preferences. Dr. Kau can design restorations that closely match natural teeth' color, shape, and contours, resulting in highly aesthetic outcomes and improved patient satisfaction.

Predictable Outcomes: CAD/CAM technology offers predictable and consistent outcomes, as restorations are fabricated based on precise digital designs and manufacturing specifications. Dr. Kau can anticipate and control factors such as fit, occlusion, and marginal integrity, leading to higher success rates and fewer restoration failures.

Expanded Treatment Options: CAD/CAM systems expand the range of treatment options available to patients by offering various materials for dental restorations. Dr. Kau can choose from ceramics, resins, and hybrid materials, selecting the most suitable option based on clinical requirements and patient preferences.

Long-Term Durability: When properly designed, fabricated, and maintained, CAD/CAM restorations exhibit excellent durability and longevity. The precise fit and marginal integrity achieved with CAD/CAM technology contribute to the longevity of restorations, reducing the likelihood of complications and the need for premature replacement.

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