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High-tech imaging technologies such as Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) provide significant advantages in dentistry due to their ability to produce detailed three-dimensional images of oral structures. These tools enable Dr. Kau to diagnose conditions accurately, leading to better treatment planning and outcomes.

CBCT scans provide Infinite Smile Dental with accurate diagnostic information. They enhance treatment planning and surgical guidance, facilitate customized prosthetic design, and contribute to efficient workflow in dental practices. With these advantages, CBCT technology is crucial in improving patient care and outcomes in dentistry.

Accurate Diagnosis: CBCT scans provide detailed visualization of dental and skeletal structures, enabling precise diagnosis of conditions such as impacted teeth, dental caries, periodontal disease, cysts, tumors, and fractures. The accurate images assist Dr. Kau in identifying the location, size, and extent of abnormalities, leading to more effective treatment planning.

Enhanced Treatment Planning: CBCT scans are crucial in planning complex dental procedures, including dental implants, orthodontic treatment, endodontic therapy, and oral surgeries. Dr. Kau can assess bone density, quality, and quantity, aiding in the optimal placement of implants and reducing the risk of complications during procedures.

Improved Surgical Guidance: CBCT scans provide valuable guidance during surgical procedures by offering detailed anatomical information and assisting in identifying vital structures such as nerves and blood vessels. Dr. Kau can accurately plan incisions and navigate surgical sites, leading to safer and more successful outcomes.

Customized Prosthetic Design: CBCT scans aid in fabricating custom-made dental prosthetics by providing detailed images for virtual modeling and designing. This results in prostheses that fit precisely and function optimally, enhancing patient comfort and aesthetic outcomes.

Reduced Radiation Exposure: CBCT scans involve radiation but typically require lower doses than traditional medical CT scans. Advanced CBCT technology allows for optimized imaging protocols, minimizing radiation exposure while maintaining diagnostic image quality and ensuring patient safety.

Efficient Workflow: CBCT scans offer quick acquisition and reconstruction times, improving workflow efficiency in our practice. Dr. Kau can obtain detailed images rapidly, facilitating timely treatment planning and interventions that benefit her and patients.

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