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An electric dental handpiece is an instrument Dr. Kau uses to perform dental procedures such as tooth preparation, polishing, and drilling. Unlike traditional air-driven handpieces powered by compressed air, electric handpieces utilize an electric motor to generate rotational motion.

These electric dental handpieces offer several advantages over air-driven handpieces, including higher power and torque, consistent speed and performance, variable speed control, reduced noise and vibration, improved ergonomics, compatibility with fiber optics, versatility, ease of maintenance, and potential digital integration. These features make electric handpieces essential tools for modern dental practices, enabling efficient and precise delivery of dental care. Key features and advantages of electric dental handpieces include:

Increased Precision: Electric handpieces typically offer higher torque and consistent rotational speeds, allowing for more precise and controlled cutting during dental procedures. This precision can improve clinical outcomes and reduce chair time.

Reduced Noise and Vibration: Electric handpieces produce less noise and vibration than air-driven ones, enhancing patient comfort and making procedures more tolerable.

Consistent Performance: Electric handpieces maintain consistent cutting speeds regardless of the load, whereas air-driven handpieces may experience speed fluctuations under varying loads. This consistency can improve the efficiency and quality of dental procedures.

Versatility: Electric handpieces often come with variable speed and torque settings, allowing Dr. Kau to adjust the parameters according to specific procedures and preferences. The versatility of the handpiece can enhance her ability to perform a wide range of procedures.

Better Infection Control: Electric handpieces are easier to clean and sterilize than air-driven handpieces, which can help maintain a higher standard of infection control in dental practices.

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