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Roxanne I.Roxanne I. | 2/20/24

I’ve been coming to Dr. Kau for many years she has just finished an Implant that I was so nervous about, but everything was just so wonderful. I was amazed by my care after no problems or pain.

Francisco G.Francisco G. | 2/17/24

I have been coming to Dr. Kau for a while. Everyone here is very nice. Dr. has helped me with my Oral health. Me and my wife love coming.

Teresa G.Teresa G. | 2/13/24

Dr. Kau is an excellent Dr. I’ve seen several dentists. She is the only one that meets my appointment availability. Dr. fixed my failing Implants now I can finally eat. She is a great listener.

Raymond D.Raymond D. | 2/13/24

The office is very clean and modern, everyone is polite, and I love all the cutting-edge technology. Dr. Kau is a great dentist.

Rachel D.Rachel D. | 2/13/24

My first visit to the dentist was good. I got 2 toys and my teeth are cleaned.

Sukhman S.Sukhman S. | 2/7/24

I’m a dental student from the University of the Pacific shadowing at Infinite Smile Dental. It’s been a very cool experience. The team is very welcoming. It’s a very homey office, and I am learning a lot about how it runs. Everything is well organized, and it’s been a great experience.

Maureen D.Maureen D. | 2/6/24

I’ve been coming to Dr. Kau for almost 25 years. I started coming to her when her office was off Santa Rita Rd. I could walk to her office. She was very understanding about making sure I was numb thoroughly every time I had treatment. I love the BioClear she did for me today. I can eat food without having food trapped between my teeth.

Sarah W.Sarah W. | 2/2/24

Everyone is nice. Dr. Kau tries to keep the cost down and still does what needs to be done. I’m happy with my smile and the care I’ve received.

Hayden H.Hayden H. | 1/30/24

I like visiting Dr. Kau because she always asks how everything is going with my teeth and outside my mouth, like my golfing.

Ella C.Ella C. | 1/27/24

I found Dr. Kau because my Dentist wasn’t available on a Saturday, and I needed to be treated ASAP that day. Dr. Kau's office was open and took me in. I feel very comfortable considering my situation. Everyone was nice here.

Vamsi D.Vamsi D. | 1/26/24

What I like about coming to Dr. Kau is that she always lets me know what’s going on and explains everything. She has done my crowns and Invisalign treatment. Dr. Kau has helped me maintain my oral health for the last two years.

Finn W.Finn W. | 1/26/24

I found Dr. Kau by going online and looking for doctors who have nitrous. I have anxiety, and while they were doing my treatment, it allowed me to relax. Everyone here was so nice.

Pricilla F.Pricilla F. | 1/25/24

I went online and asked for a 5-star Dentist near me, and Dr. Kau came up. My first visit was nice, and Dina was great. I was nervous because my granddaughter was in another state, having her first baby and giving birth, while I was in the dental chair.

Najibulleh R.Najibulleh R. | 1/25/24

I like coming to Dr. Kau because she is a great doctor. She listens to me.

Shokria R.Shokria R. | 1/25/24

I’ve been coming to Dr. Kau for 8 years. Dr. Kau treats me like I want to be treated.

Shelley S.Shelley S. | 1/25/24

I’ve been coming to Dr. Kau for 21 years, and when I like a place, I stay! My husband came, and also my boss. Dr. Kau has treated my family. Her office is always neat and clean.

Patty K.Patty K. | 1/24/24

I found Dr. Kau online. The office had great reviews. I felt very comfortable, and everyone was so kind.

Gwendolyn B.Gwendolyn B. | 1/23/24

I really like coming here because everyone is nice. Every time I come, I feel they have my best interest at heart whenever I talk with Melissa and Dina. They both are so very genuine.

Lynda M.Lynda M. | 1/23/24

I found Dr. Kau on Yelp. Dr. Kau has replaced all my crowns, and they still look amazing! Everyone here is so nice.

Kaina W.Kaina W. | 1/23/24

I found Dr. Kau by calling dentist offices in my area. She had the best availability that best fit my schedule. I keep coming back here because everyone here is so nice.

Rob W.Rob W. | 1/20/24

I keep coming back due to the atmosphere, and I’m good friends with Dr. Kau. She keeps me smiling.

Imelda P.Imelda P. | 1/20/24

Dr. Kau is very patient with me, and I love the service she has given me. I haven’t been able to smile like this for 45 years.

Ian A.Ian A. | 1/20/24

I’ve been coming to Dr. Kau for as long as I can remember. She has always treated me well and given me great treatment. I have never had any issues here in all these years.

Kerri C.Kerri C. | 1/20/24

I love to come to Dr. Kau’s office. I’ve been coming for 10 plus years. She has taken great care of my teeth and cares. She is willing to work with you on a dental plan to get your dental work done.

Alycia F.Alycia F. | 1/20/24

I enjoy coming to Dr. Kau’s office because it’s always so clean, and I love the lights and the decor. I feel taken care of. It's good!

Janine M.Janine M. | 1/19/24

I have been coming to Dr. Kau for 15 years. I continue to come back because Dr. Kau and all of her staff are low-key, and that helps my nerves because I’m terrified of going to the dentist.

John M.John M. | 1/19/24

I have been coming here for 14 years. Dr. Kau is the best. I just can’t say enough.

Angelo J.Angelo J. | 1/18/24

I found the office through my insurance website. The office is five minutes from my job, which is a big convenience. Setting up an appointment was so easy. They met my needs, and everyone was welcoming.

Susan S.Susan S. | 1/18/24

I found Dr. Kau’s office in the telephone book. I just love the compassion and attitude of all the staff. It takes away a lot of my anxiety. I like how they explain everything to me with all my stupid questions. I like the staff here. They’re the best people and have patience. I’m a worry wart, and I ask this and that. Everyone is so great with me.

Paul K.Paul K. | 1/18/24

Dr. Kau’s office has always been so professional and friendly. I just can’t say enough good things about them.

Kirk G.Kirk G. | 1/18/24

My family comes to Dr. Kau. She is just the best dentist for a family. I highly recommend her if anyone is nervous about seeing dentists like I am.

Pearl T.Pearl T. | 1/18/24

My husband and I have been coming to Dr. Kau for many years. She makes us feel so comfortable at every appointment. She is professional, courteous, and friendly!

Jarod P.Jarod P. | 1/18/24

I found Infinite Smile Dental through my insurance, and it was very convenient for me. My first visit was great and pain free. Everyone here is great!

Prasanna N.Prasanna N. | 1/17/24

Back in 2022, I Yelped and read through Dr. Kau’s reviews, and they were all good, so we called and scheduled our first appointment. After each appointment, I leave smiling.

Jordan G.Jordan G. | 1/17/24

Coming to Dr. Kau has been really helpful in understanding my complicated insurance system. It has been a challenge to find out what my insurance covers. Everybody here just made it so simple.

Lincoln L.Lincoln L. | 1/17/24

I’ve been coming here since I brought my kids back when Dr. Kau was at her office off Santa Rita Rd. I like her because she is very meticulous and patient. She does a good job!

Alon C.Alon C. | 1/4/24

I enjoyed the massage chair during my treatment today. The office flow was very smooth while Dr. Kau and her assistant, Melli, worked on me. My procedure was quick and was in and out of the door. Overall, I had a great experience, and the music was great.

Christine EChristine E. | 12/29/23

I started coming to Dr. Kau after it was referred to me by my husband, who has been coming for the past year. I have had a great experience every time I have come in. The staff is very nice and accommodating. I recently got my teeth whitened, and Dina gave me the teeth of my dreams.

Anita JAnita J. | 12/29/23

Dr. Kau is a caring and straightforward dentist who cares about patients' oral health. During my visit, she was very gentle with me, and I experienced no discomfort. Dr. Kau is an honest dentist who has been helping me reach my smile goals and provides realistic expectations. Dr. Kau's staff reflects her professionalism and care for the patients, which is hard to come by in other dental practices.

Bea GBea G. | 12/29/23

Dr. Kau was amazing, as usual. I love the new location. The office flows very well. The staff is very friendly from the front desk to the back. Dina, the RDA who was assisting in my room, was great and walked me through the whole process. It made me feel very confident and reassured during my treatment.

Isa GIsa G. | 12/29/23

The atmosphere of the office is relaxing. My favorite part of the office is the decor and the rooms and how clean they are. Dr Kau’s execution of services was excellent, as well as her time management. The office makes coming to the dentist less stressful.

A RA R. | 12/29/23

I had a smooth procedure, and my appointment time was prompt. The ladies in the front were very kind. I really like how the office sends out reminder texts and calls the day before. I felt very comfortable in the chair while I was getting my procedures done by Dr. Kau and her assistant, Dina. Both were very informative about the procedure, which made me feel at ease.

Kristina KKristina K. | 12/29/23

Everyone is very professional and friendly. Dr. Kau does very good work!

Subhasish NSubhasish N. | 12/28/23

The office is very nice, and the doctor is very knowledgeable and takes the time to explain everything thoroughly to me.

Lisa WLisa W. | 12/28/23

I really appreciate Dr. Kau and the office staff for taking me in on short notice and taking such good and gentle care of me.

James FJames F. | 12/21/23

I love the new location! The front office staff is very friendly and organized. Angie is amazing and did a fantastic job on my teeth. Dr. Kau is the best in the Tri-Valley area.

Anisa SAnisa S. | 12/15/23

I love coming here because of Dr. Kau and her friendliness. In the case of an emergency, she was able to see my husband late in the evening, which we are super appreciative of. She also has answered her phone for us to answer questions regarding my son. We know we can trust that we are in good hands with Dr. Kau and her team.

Kristen PKristen P. | 12/8/23

I really appreciate the dental assistants as they are really kind and great with kids. Angie has been very gentle, and she is really great at explaining each step to my son to ease his anxiety.

Gale WGale W. | 11/8/23

They have a wonderful new office, and I have been going to Dr. Kau for over 20 years. I love it!

Lynette BLynette B. | 11/7/23

I have been coming to Dr. Kau for 13 years, and I refer any friends or coworkers looking for a dentist to her.

Peter SPeter S. | 11/6/23

Dr. Kau is a great dentist who is always available to assist in dental emergencies. The staff is very friendly. I have been coming to see Dr. Kau and her team for over 10 years.

Rowland LRowland L. | 10/14/23

Dr. Kau’s practice is the most accommodating in the area and available at all times for an emergency. She gives caring and thorough work.

Ana AAna A. | 9/27/23

Dr. Kau is a very good doctor and our whole family comes to see her to care for our oral health. We have been with Dr. Kau for about 8 years and we trust her. Her new office is wonderful!

Hai LHai L. | 9/14/23

I am a testimony myself as when I first came to see Dr. Kau my teeth were in very bad shape. After so many years of working with Dr. Kau she was able to get my oral health to a good place. I believe that all the time and effort she put into helping has really turned my dental health around.

Linda SLinda S. | 9/14/23

Dr. Kau is very professional, always gets you in when you have an emergency. The office is very clean and nicely put together. The staff is friendly, caring, and there for all your needs. I’ve known Dr. Kau for about 15 years and while I've had to have a lot of dental work done it has all been painless. I wouldn’t go anywhere else as my whole family comes to see Dr. Kau. I highly recommend people to see her!

Jennifer S.Jennifer S. | 8/18/23

Dr. Kau is the best and only dentist I feel comfortable coming to.

Jennifer A.Jennifer A. | 8/18/23

I love Dr. Kau’s new office! The office is very bright and I love the private rooms and the overall look and feel. The staff are very happy and friendly.

Isaiah Y.Isaiah Y. | 8/11/23

Dr. Kau and her team are great, they always help me keep my teeth clean. They even have good movies to watch while I am waiting.

Timothy W.Timothy W. | 8/11/23

I have been coming for about a year and a half and everyone is very friendly and makes me feel comfortable. X-rays are not something I enjoy, but they make it fun and as easy as possible. Everyone always ensures that my teeth are clean and well cared for.

Irina N.Irina N. | 7/27/23

Dr. Kau is amazing, very gentle and nice. I hate going to the dentist but even when she gave me my numbing injection it wasn’t anything terrible. I even referred a coworker to Dr. Kau!

Rachel I.Rachel I. | 7/22/23

Dr. Kau’s new office is great, clean, and very contemporary. She is very thorough and great at communicating necessary improvements and explaining treatment needed.

Nolan Y.Nolan Y. | 7/18/23

My wife and I have been coming to Dr. Kau’s new office since it opened. It has been a wonderful experience. All the staff are very friendly. We have been with Dr. Kau since her older facility and love that the transition was very smooth and the new location has ample parking and its bright, shiny, and new.

Kyle L.Kyle L. | 7/18/23

I have been going to Dr. Kau for pretty much half my life and every time I come in, she cleans my teeth really well. She also teaches me how to maintain and properly care for my teeth so that I keep them for as long as possible.

Brennan C.Brennan C. | 7/18/23

I have been coming here since I was really little and I used to be really scared. I remember Dr. Kau from my childhood so now I am a lot more comfortable. I used to use a manual toothbrush but recently purchased the OralB iO and I love it; it makes me want to brush my teeth more!

Marcus L.Marcus L. | 7/13/23

I have been here for a few years now and the staff has always been professional and kind.

David M.David M. | 7/13/23

Dr. Kau is wonderful and absolutely amazing. The staff is great and always very friendly.

Judy VJudy V. | 6/24/23

My husband has been coming since 1987, when she first started out as a dentist. He had some bonding done, and she did an excellent job, and they lasted so long before they had to have them re-done. My husband was always very happy with her care and results. I have been coming since we moved here in 2006. We have been coming regularly for our check-ups, and she has done crowns and fillings for us, and we have been happy with all the results. We both did Invisalign, and we were VERY happy with the results going through treatment. It was a very easy process. She has addressed things such as grinding and whitening, so we have been very pleased. When we retired, we wanted to maintain coming here through our insurance coverage changes, and we are very happy continually coming to see Dr. Kau.

George VGeorge V. | 6/24/23

I have enjoyed Dr. Kau’s services for several decades and will continue to see her.

Py WPy W. | 6/21/23

Going to Dr. Kau has been a great experience. Her office always has great availability, which is wonderful for my busy work schedule.

Theresa GTheresa G. | 6/20/23

Usually, x-rays are the worst part of the dental experience, but the assistant was very gentle and made everything very comfortable. Everyone is very friendly and happy at the office creating a wonderful and fun experience.

Mark BMark B. | 6/20/23

I came in to see Dr. Kau on a Saturday for an emergency prior to an event years ago. Ever since then she has always been flexible, dependable, great bedside manner, and she always has your best interest at heart. She takes care of my whole family.

Pat MPat M. | 6/15/23

Dr. Kau has been a great provider for the past 20 years, to the point that I fly from Florida to see her!

Nicholas CNicholas C. | 6/9/23

My family has been coming to this practice for the better part of over 20 years. We would not be coming back if we were not satisfied with the services provided. We will continue to visit Dr. Kau!

Brian DBrian D. | 6/7/23

I’ve known Dr. Kau for many years, and she is great! I look forward to seeing her on my future visits :)

Rich MRich M. | 6/2/23

I love Dr. Kau and have been a patient for 20 years. She is awesome, has good manners, and is a very thorough dentist. My whole family that lives here are patients of hers. I love the new office as it has lots of available parking.

Maureen DMaureen D. | 5/26/23

I have been seeing Dr. Kau for over 20 years. She always listens to the patient, is very friendly and open, and is very helpful if you have questions. She is fun to have as a doctor. She works with me and with my dislike of injections.

Imelda PImelda P. | 5/25/23

The team is very friendly, and communication is great. They take their time with services and are very patient with my needs!

Arturo PArturo P. | 5/25/23

Very flexible with time, friendly and helpful staff. Presents options for patient input.

Sage ZSage Z. | 5/24/23

Going to the dentist isn’t normally my favorite thing but Dr. Kau and her staff make the experience so much better! Dr. Kau is professional, kind, understanding, and genuinely cares about her patients. The assistants are attentive and make every visit goes smoothly. And the new office is beautiful too!

Adam RAdam R. | 5/22/23

I’ve been a patient of Dr. Kau for nearly 30 years. Very professional and friendly staff and the whole experience is pleasurable! I travel from out of state now to Dr. Kau.

Anne PAnne P. | 5/16/23

Everyone is so friendly and it’s great that all 3 family members can come in together and are usually out within an hour. We have been coming to see Dr. Kau for over 20 years as a family.

Rob WRob W. | 5/13/23

I like coming to Dr. Kau and have been coming here for years!

Celeste KCeleste K. | 5/12/23

I’ve had such a great experience with Dr Kau and her office. The front office ladies are so helpful with scheduling and help me feel at ease right when I walk in. The dental assistants take their time to make sure I feel comfortable throughout my appointments. Dr. Kau has a calming presence and there is no one else I’d trust with all my dental needs!

Isa GIsa G. | 4/26/23

I have been seeing Dr. Kau since I was young and her new office is so beautiful!

Shannon DShannon D. | 4/11/23

Every single interaction I've had with Dr. Kau, and her entire team, has been wonderful. They are professional, skilled and genuinely care. Dr. Kau has helped me with an Invisalign treatment that I've been putting off for years. She made it easy and it even helped a terrible TMJ issue I've dealt with my entire life, which was an unexpected benefit!

Eric HEric H. | 4/3/23

I had a really bad experience at the dentist when I was younger so that made me really fearful. When I came to see Dr. Kau she was very easy to talk with and explained the treatment needed clearly. I felt very at ease and look forward to all my future appointments with her office.

A white circle on a green backgroundDescription automatically generated with medium confidenceSusmita P. | 3/31/23

I have been seeing Dr. Kau for almost 15 years. I really like how she approaches treatment and is not pushy and is gentle when performing treatment. She does not push unneeded treatment. Her new office is lovely, the staff is very friendly and approachable. If we have any re-scheduling needs it is handled very well and I have an overall great experience during each visit.​

A white circle on a green backgroundDescription automatically generated with medium confidenceMaDera M. | 3/24/23

I have been with Dr. Kau for about a year. Truly, throughout my entire life of dental care, Infinite Smile Dental has given the best customer service and service performance. The treatment here is beyond anything I have received before! 

Colton C. | 3/16/23A white circle on a green backgroundDescription automatically generated with medium confidence

The new office looks so nice and the team is very reliable. I’ve been coming to Dr. Kau for over 2 decades. The staff is always nice and friendly and I love coming to see everyone.


A white circle on a green backgroundDescription automatically generated with medium confidenceTina P. | 3/14/23 

Dr. Kau is very nice. All the workers here are very lovely and nice. The office is also very beautiful and clean. I really love coming here!


A white circle on a green backgroundDescription automatically generated with medium confidenceTodd B. | 3/8/23

Dr. Kau is at the cutting edge
of dentistry and an amazing clinician! This brand new office is clean, professional, and streamlined.


A white circle on a green backgroundDescription automatically generated with medium confidenceWendy B. | 3/8/23 

Dr. Kau’s new office is exceptional and technologically advanced. She is fantastic and is great at personal and emotional connections.


Monica O. | 3/1/23A person smiling at the cameraDescription automatically generated with medium confidence

I love my teeth that were crowned and veneered because they are so beautifully done by Dr. Kau!.


Ed S. | 2/23/23 A picture containing person, human face, clothing, personal protective equipmentDescription automatically generated

The office and team are great, and for me not liking dentists, this is the best dentist ever! I am very happy.


Keona J. | 2/18/23A person wearing red glasses and a gray shirtDescription automatically generated with low confidence

I love the office, I followed from the old office. I had to make sure I came and found them. I love the customer service, pre-care, aftercare, follow ups, reminders etc. Everything is perfect about this office!


Maria G. | 2/18/23A person smiling at the cameraDescription automatically generated with low confidence

It has been a great opportunity knowing Dr. Kau and staff. She has been my dentist since 2012, I have seen her progress and this new office is amazing. The architecture is very beautiful on the interior with very modern machines. The bathroom, I wish I had something similar at my house. It's like one of the staged homes. Additionally, I know that I will be getting quality and professional service from Dr. Kau and team.

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